Since 1960 iTALMEK designs and manufactures demolition equipment to be mounted on earth moving machines. The innovative geometry and design in addition to the best materials on the world-wide market make iTALMEK scrap shears a piece of equipment that assures high productivity, great cutting force at unbeaten weight to power ratio.

  • iTALMEK attachments are unique due to the optimization of their power to weight ratio.
  • The structure of the tool is made entirely of steel with the best anti-wear capacity Hardox ®, and the best elastic limit Strenx ®. These superior materials guarantee reliability and long working life.
  • The slender design allows a perfect visibility both in overhead demolition and in demolition at ground level apart from an exceptional ease of handling with a right and left 360° hydraulic rotation.

Steel Shears IC18 - IC92

Steel Shears IC18 - IC92

Central pivot group. Italmek adopts the solution most technologically advanced and qualitatively higher. The review is carried out with the sole replacement of two external bushings.

The jaw adjustment kits/guides eliminate the possibility of slackness in order to offer you a machine that can always work in a perfect cut line

The four times reversible blades have great dimensions, are threaded and the exclusive closed cutting angle increases the cutting capacity, reducing the stress for the shear

Special blade fixing system, where some pins reduce to the minim the charge of work for bolts.

Rotation. A great planetary gearbox assures extreme precision in positioning the equipment while a pressure relief valve and a counterbalance valve control the engine work peaks.

Speed booster system ®: the powerful, large bore, cylinder has a special acceleration valve which guaranties rapid working cycles.

Reversed cylinder. The chromed part is completely protected from any impact or damage. In larger models the rod is machined from a single piece of metal.

Steel Shears IC1.8 - IC15

Steel Shears IC1.8 - IC15

The rotating group, robust but very compact, allows to have a shear that at the same weight has a bigger mouth and higher cutting power than the competition.

Great dimensions and thick of movable jaws with a full and strong tip ensure very low maintenance costs.

An impressive piercing capacity is given by the special jaw shape, where half the jaw works like a tip.