Hydraulic Pliers

Since 1960 iTALMEK designs and manufactures demolition equipment to be mounted on earth moving machines. The iTALMEK hydraulic demolition pliers IP series have been designed for primary demolition; cracking concrete-iron structures and debris materials without noises and vibrations.

  • The structure is totally made in Hardox ® to obtain the best anti-wear capacity and Strenx ® the best elastic limit, warranty of reliability and extended life of the product.
  • The compact dimension improves visibility and handling during work.
Hydraulic Pliers

Kit crusher: to be mounted on movable jaw, it is ideal for secondary demolition and for primary demolition of light reinforced concrete structures.

Rotation. A great planetary gearbox assures extreme precision in positioning the equipment while a pressure relief valve and a counterbalance valve control the engine work peaks.

Speed booster system ®: Larger models are equipped with a special acceleration valve which assures rapid work cycles.

All models are equipped with blades to cut the iron rods, usable on the four sides.